Friday, September 18, 2009

Monday, June 29, 2009

We are going to learn to fish and canoe on the lakes near by. Samon fishing is the most popular one as you know, but there are other fish in the sea--or river and lakes. I can't wait til it snows and we can go sking!!!

I am looking for work right now but am also going to do child care in the house,so that I can home school the kids. Isaiah will do the program from BYU and yoshio and Katie (Lali) will so IDEA from the state. Iam looking forward to it. We'll keep you posted on the different activities that they get in volved in.
Sarah will go to the High school here and have lots of fun.

Wasilla is home to the official Ididarod trail and race. The dog sled race does not start here right now, it starts up north .

I have not seen any Moose --yet. But have been told to look out for them in my yard or crossing the road. I don't want to be the person who has to hold up traffic for one in the middle of the highway.

Sorry I haven't up dated my blogg in a quite awhile.
The kids and I have moved from Denver to Wasilla, Alaska. A very big change, but a good one.
We are living in a families home right now and are thankful. Sarah is with her dad and will be coming up in August to start school.
It is a slow paste atmosphere and the people are very laid back. Wasilla is a small town with a populaton of 7,028, adding us is 7,033.
It has a Walmat and a Target. The mountains are all around us, so I need to get a compas for the directions.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sorry guys I am still trying to get the pictures on it, It's not me it's my computer.
In Relief Society a few sundays ago a sister read this poem that was written by a friend of hers and I will share it with you.....

Prayer For Today
By Cleta Marianne Johnson Fisher

Dear Father in Heaven
I thatnk Thee for this lovely day
That Thou hast given me,
This day which ere shall come but once
in all eternity.
And since each golden moment will
On wings of time take flight,
May I seize each fleeting second
That in doing so I might--
Perform in sincere righteousness
the labors of this day,
may my thoughts and acts be noble
As well as the worrds I say.
May I ever yet be mindful
That as this day moves on,
The time it offers me when used
Is then forever gone.
May I welcome each new challenge
As an opportunity,
to exercise in all good faith
my gift of blessed agency.
And when tonight O pause awhile
to reflect upon this day
May O rejoice with heart and voice
for all that's come my way.
And may I know within myself,
That I have done my best
To meet each challenge unafraid,
May I be filled with a sense of peace
A may I even borrow
a dream or two that could come true,
on the day I'll call tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Special Blessing

I have been thinking of the many blessings that I received last year(for my adult life) and there are many. A place of my own to live, my kids being healthy, smart and strong. Being able to go back to school, and have the funding to so .
One thing that has been missing for a long time is that I have not been to the Temple. Well I can finally say that I am on my way. I went to my Bishop and told him that I am ready to do my endowments. He told me that I would need to go to the temple classes, the teachers we're Br. and Sis. St.John a couple that has a strong testimony of the gospel. The lessons helped my to realize and remember what I have been taught as a child and that my testimony of the plan of salvation from Heavenly Father is true and wonderful.
The classes finished last Sunday and I made the appointment to see the Bishop. The Spirit has reminded me that this is a very serious but important step in my life here on earth and that I need to follow through this time. It felt so good to sighn my name on the recommend. I still had one more person to see though. My heart knew that I could do it, but was even more nervous about this part. My Stake Presidents is a good man (as all stake presidents are), I knew that the spirit was there that night and that I have finally reached the next level in the gospel. A very great responsibliity. I have in my possession my Temple recommend and can enter the house of the Lord. I will go with Mom and purchase the clothing sometime in the next week or so. My target date will be between the 31st of January to the 14th of Febuary, my escorts will be Mom, and Rebekah: Beth has been invited and hope that Victoria can make it. The advarsery is pushing my family and I to mess up and not fell worthy, but my faith and Testimony will help me to keep going and living the gospel. You all, Family and Friends help me to remember my baptismal covenants that I have made, so I I can walk in the doors to the Lords house. It also has made me think about dad and that after all these years I can come to peace with the problems that we have had, hoping that he will accept the sealing to him and forgive me. Without my Family I don't think that I could have made it. I love you all.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas day waiting for the kids to come home